Lady Hawkins’ School

Please Note...

If you are buying your daughter a skirt then please buy the school uniform skirt with the logo from Clubsport.

When purchasing new trousers for boys or girls they must not be of the skinny style but must be straight with the width at the bottom of no less than 18cm.  Trousers of the correct style can also be purchased at Clubsport.  Jeans of any form will not be acceptable.

Shoes also need to be of a certain type for health and safety reasons.  Examples of which shoes are acceptable can be found below.

Thank you for your co-operation in keeping our students smart.


School Uniform Required


School Blazer (school jumper is optional).  

Please note that from September 2020 ALL students will be required to wear a blazer.  

Plain white shirt with a button that allows the collar to close. They must be long enough to be tucked in.

School Clip on Tie (no other tie will be accepted).

Black tailored school trousers (not skinny style or denim) or Black school skirt with school logo.

Black school shoes.

Optional black school coat.

One ring, a watch and one small set of stud earrings are permitted.  No other piercings are acceptable in school for health and safety reasons.

Belts must be narrow and plain black.

Hair must be a natural colour – non-natural colours are not permitted.

Nail varnish is not permitted.

Make up is not permitted.


For uniform click here for Clubsport’s online shop