Sir Arthur Bonsall

Sep 9, 2019Living Archive Project

Sir Arthur Bonsall KCMG CBE worked at the National Codes and Cipher Centre at Bletchley Park.

Sir Arthur was selected fresh from Cambridge University, where he studied modern languages, to work in the German Air Section under Josh Cooper. In the interview he recounted the important work of breaking daily the German Luftwaffe ‘Low-Grade’ codes and intercepting radio-telephony.

Sir Arthur’s work at Bletchley significantly aided the Allied Air Commands throughout the War and proved of real importance in informing the USAAF and RAF of Luftwaffe movement and tactics as well as aiding counter-intelligence measures.

Sir Arthur’s work in the German Air Section undoubtedly saved the lives of thousands of Allied servicemen and also contributed towards the breaking of other German wartime codes such as the ‘Ultra’ codes.